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Asesiad Archaeoleg o Stryd y Porth Mawr gan Y.A.G. yn saesneg.

Stori: Y Dre o dan y dre gan Emrys Llywelyn.                                                                             I’w lawrlwytho yma dre-o-dan-y-dredre-o-dan-y-dre (1)

Guardian 7/9/2015                                                                               

Hanesion am ddigwyddiadau’r gymdeithas i’w cael ar ein tudalen Facebook.                                                                                                                                       All stories about the societies events can be found in our Facebook page.                                         Some items may be in Welsh only, it is possible for you to translate these from Welsh by using Google translate Copy the text into the left hand side box and select language above the boxes, Welsh on left and e.g. English on the right. Warning, there will be grammatical errors most likely!

Gadael Ymateb

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